is a tool that created stand-alone LiDAR Web portals for 3D visualization and (optional) download of LiDAR data. Here is a (very small) example and below are the exact instructions how to generate it.

3D viewer and download portal created with 'laspublish'

3D viewer and download portal created with ‘laspublish’

Here the instructions on how to generate the example portal shown above. First we generate a number of small tiles from the ‘fusa.laz’ data set.

lastile.exe -i ..\data\fusa.laz ^
            -tile_size 50 ^
            -o fusa.laz

Then we load these tiles into the GUI with

laspublish -i fusa_*.laz -gui

or by double-clicking ‘laspublish.exe’ and using the ‘browse …’ rollout to load the files.

Then we prepare the GUI settings as shown above and press ‘RUN’.
Alternatively we directly run ‘laspublish’ in the command line with
laspublish -i fusa*.laz ^
           -elevation ^
           -copy_source_files ^
           -overwrite ^
           -title "My Portal" -o "portal.html" ^
           -odir "portal" -olaz
Simply zip up the resulting folder “portal”, move it into your Webspace, and uncompress it there (note: the portal will not work from your drive). Now can explore the 3D LiDAR point cloud and download individual tile from this page. If you only want to get the more light-weight 2D map offering the files for download you can go directly to this page.
Careful with the ‘-move_source_files’ option. Better use ‘-copy_source_files’ unless you really want your files to be moved from their current location into the portal folder. For more details and other options not mentioned here see the README file.