This is a handy tool to merge multiple LiDAR files into one. However, we usually discourage this practice as this can also be achieved on-the-fly with the ‘-merged’ option in any of the other LAStools without creating a second copy on disk. In addition this tools allows splitting larger files into smaller subsets each containing a user-specified number of points. This tool is 100% open source LGPL. For more details see the README file.

4 thoughts on “lasmerge

  1. Hello,

    My apologies if questions like this should be somewhere else.

    Can this feature (las merge) handle the following scenario? There are two identical (for x,y,z) LAS files but one has RGB only assigned and the other has Classification assigned only. Can we take these two separate fields/records and combine them for a single LAS file, so that RGB and Classifcation are now apart of the same file?

    Thank you,

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