This tool flags or removes noise points in LAS or LAZ files. The tool looks for isolated points according to certain criteria that can be modified via ‘-step 3’ and ‘-isolated 3’ as needed. The default for step is 4 and for isolated is 5. It is possible to specify the xy and the z size of the 27 cells separately with ‘-step_xy 2’ and ‘-step_z 0.3’ which would create cells of size 2 by 2 by 0.3 units. The tool tries to find points that have only few other points in their surrounding 3 by 3 by 3 grid of cells with the cell the respective point falls into being in the center. The size of each of the 27 cells is set with the ‘-step 5’ parameter. The maximal number of few other points in the 3 by 3 by 3 grid still designating a point as isolated is set with ‘-isolated 6’. For more details see the README file.



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