full non-production, non-profit, research license (lab-wide)

  • schools, colleges, universities: EUR 2000
  • non-profit research laboratory: EUR 3000

commercial and government production license (single-seat)

  • individual LAStools: EUR 1000 to EUR 2000
  • entire LAStools suite: EUR 4000
  • BLAST extension pack: EUR 2000
  • all together: EUR 5000

multi-seat licenses are significantly discounted

  • 2nd license. 60%
  • 3rd license. 50%
  • 4th license. 30%
  • 5th license. 30%
  • 6th license. 20%
  • 7th license. 10 %

commercial and government production license (office-wide)

  • entire LAStools suite: EUR 12000
  • LAStools with BLAST: EUR 15000

Hence to use LAStools for production on unlimited seats in one office (same physical location) triples the single-seat license price. This includes technical support via the open user forum and – for the full suite – one hour of consulting time. These terms assume non-military use. Defense contractor or military licenses are priced 20 % higher than the corresponding civilian commercial and government licenses. This money is used to discount non-profit research licenses for selected projects (conditions apply) and funds the LASmoons program.

All licenses are time-limited to one year from the day the license is being issued. After one year a maintenance contract becomes necessary to renew the license annually. This contract also provides continuous access to updates and enhancements of LAStools. It is priced at 20% of the total accumulated license and maintenance fees paid up to that date. Prices are without value added tax (VAT) and subject to change.